Sally Rook Writes a Book

Author’s Note: Are there any illustrators out there? Because all this one needs to become an elementary school classroom staple is a good illustrator to bring it to life. If you’re out there, hit me up.

            Hi, my name’s Sally Rook.  I’m six years old.  Every night when I go to bed, my Daddy reads me a story.

            I love stories–especially the ones that take up a whole book.  It’s neat when Daddy reads a whole entire book to me at one time. 

            But I noticed that a lot of those books only have three or four or five words on each page.  That’s not very much.  I could write a book with just three or four or five words on a page.  And just to prove it, I will.

            First, I’ll need some paper and a pencil.  Then I need to sit down at my table.

            But first, I have to clean it off.  You can’t write a book with toys in the way.

            Now, I just need to think of an idea of what to write.

[two or three pages of Sally thinking in different poses–very concentrated, eyes squeezed shut, pencil in mouth, etc.]

            Well, maybe I can write about something I like.

[looks at horses on shelf]

            Hmmm, I like horses.  Let’s see . . .

            “Once upon a time, there was a horse.  One day he woke up and . . .”

[casual thinking pose]

            No, not horses.  I can’t think of anything neat for horses to do.

[notices dolls on bed]

            I know. I like dolls.

            “Once upon a time, in a castle, the princess’ doll came to life and said . . .”

[somewhat casual thinking pose, a little frustrated]

            Well, I don’t know what she said.  I guess a doll won’t work, either.

[looks up at space ship mobile hanging from ceiling]

            Oh, yeah, spaceships!  I know I can write a book about a spaceship.

            “Far away in outer space, a space girl was driving a rocket ship . . .”

[frustrated thinking pose]

            But then what?

[father calling]


            Yes, Daddy?

            “ It’s time to get ready for bed.  Get your pajamas on and I’ll come up and read you a story!”


[changing into pajamas, talking around shirt, pulling on pants, etc.]

            Well . . . I guess I won’t . . . write a book today . . .

[pauses, looks out at reader]

            It’s a lot harder than I thought it would be . . .

[resumes dressing]

             Book Writers must have lots of time . . . I guess I need more time, too . . . But that’s okay, ‘cause tomorrow’s Saturday!

[finished dressing, big smile on her face]

            But before it’ll be Saturday, I have to go to sleep.

[getting into bed]

            And before I go to sleep, Daddy has to read me a story.

[father walks in, hands father a book]

            Here Daddy, read this one.  It’s my favorite.

[aside to reader]

            Even if it only has five words a page.

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