The word for palindrome should itself be a palindrome. Palinilap? Dromemord? Mordedrom? The first would be most in keeping with the Greek root "palin", meaning "again". But I'm partial to "dromemord" myself. Whatever the preferred option might be, we can certainly do better than what we've got.

The Answer

"If you love me,"Replied the deity,"Forget me."Tear down the houses of worship.Silence your endless prayers."Be good to others.Make the world a better place, in however small a way."And do it allWithout expectation of eternal reward,Or fear of eternal punishment."

One Change to Fix It All: Ranked Choice Voting

The American political and election systems are very intentionally broken. Every election we have a false choice between only two options. Candidates are chosen by the minority of their party that chooses to vote in any given primary – and often by a minority of that minority since candidates need only get the most votes, … Continue reading One Change to Fix It All: Ranked Choice Voting