More Narnia Books

The world needs more Narnia books, and there are SO many stories to tell, among them:

–The years of the Pevensie’s reign

–The giant wars from those years

–The mer-people of Narnia, and those of the Eastern seas

–The underworld of Bism

–Reepicheep’s adventures in Aslan’s country

–Stories of the Star folk

–The rise to power in Narnia of Jadis the White Witch

–The history and stories from the world of Charn

–Exploring countless other places through the Wood Between the Worlds

–The escape from Narnia on its last day through other doors, like the wardrobe into our world

–The defenders of the Tree of Protection that was planted on Narnia’s first day, its death, and the aftermath

–The reign of King Frank and Queen Helen

–Susan’s turn away from Narnia

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