BST: God Gets All the Credit

BST = Bumper Sticker Thoughts. Unquipping quippy quips. Thoughts about actual bumper stickers and thoughts that ought be bumper stickers (or t-shirts, or hats, or whatever).

Why Does God Get All the Credit, But None of the Blame?

It happens all the time, at all levels of society, but we most publicly see this phenomenon when great athletes score the winning points or beat out the competition for the gold, or when entertainers get top awards in their field.

They give god all the glory, all the credit, for the achievement that they’ve dedicated a lifetime of hard work, perseverance, practice, pain, blood, sweat, tears, and sacrifice to being able to attain.

They so minimize all their effort, all their borderline superhuman dedication, all their personal strength of character, commitment, and will that it isn’t even worth mentioning. They so minimize everything they’ve done, that it is rendered trivial, meaningless.

And for some reason, they are celebrated for it.

Meanwhile, god is absolved of any blame, fault, or responsibility for all the rape, murder, abuse, war, ethnic cleansing, genocide, childhood cancer, global pandemics, starvation, poverty, natural disasters, and countless other horrors that humanity suffers day in and day out – though addressing any of it would require less than a moment of the all-knowing, all-powerful deity’s thought and effort. Indeed, to even suggest that (s)he should be assigned any blame is a sin.

Perhaps if god spent less time guiding footballs into the waiting hands of well-covered wide receivers, (s)he’d have more time to address some of the actual ills of the broken world (s)he created.

But any way you look at it, god has a whole lot more to answer for than (s)he has to be celebrated for.

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