Problematic Artists’ Work

This was originally inspired by the R. Kelly and Michael Jackson sexual abuse scandals, but it’s a question that will come again and again in different contexts, as artists fall short of our expectations for them.

When a creative artist is convicted of such serious crimes (murder, rape, etc.), divert all of their profits from their work into funding for education, prevention, and support of survivors of such crimes.

The diversion of profits could be for the entirety of the convicted artist’s jail term. Or perhaps for 10 or 20 years after establishing the crimes were committed. Or for art created during the time period the crimes were committed.

Others involved in the creation of the artist’s work, who receive(d) profits during that time period (producers, collaborating artists, etc.) can voluntarily donate their profits to the fund, if they choose to.

That way, people can still enjoy the artist’s work — if they so choose — with a clear conscience and the knowledge that they are doing good.

Separate the creation from the creator, and put it to work helping address the hurt the creators inflicted.

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