Whether or Not

(A hero’s journey)

Author’s Note: This is a form of poetry that, to the best of my knowledge, I invented. I call them Scramble Poems. Full rules are below, but basically, every word can be made only of the letters in the title of the poem.

Enter then

The nether

The nowhere

No tether 

To the here or now


Trot the not there

Rent n torn

Ern worth

Throo thret n hert 

Rot n wont

Ere thee renew the root to erth 

To where

N when

N who

Then to thee, the hether wreeth

Scramble Poem rules:

-Make a poem using only the letters in the title of the poem. (Add a parenthetical subtitle — which does not count toward the available letters –to describe the topic more fully, if desired.)

You may use each letter only as many times as it appears in the title for each new word made.

-Create full words wherever possible, but phonemes, word parts, and faux words can be used when necessary, as long as they add meaning (i.e. “n” for “and”, “ar” for “are”, etc.)

–You can use punctuation in any way that adds meaning to the poem (i.e., using the bar over a vowel to make the sound long, so “ēt” is pronounced “eat”, for example)

–Half the fun for me is finding the words within the words myself (in fact the original concept for this came while playing the word scramble game app WordScapes). But, if needed, a good site to find words in words is: https://www.wordplays.com/words-in-a-word/

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