Brooklyn Nine-Nine Spinoff

I recently finished watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and really enjoyed it.

What we need now is a Diaz Investigations (or maybe Rosa Diaz, P.I.) spinoff.

Still a comedy with both wacky potential and social issue opportunities, but centered on a proud, strong, smart, capable, bisexual Latina.

She would regularly work cases with the NYPD, as they already established that that’s where her paying gigs come from — though she wouldn’t be limited to JUST them for a paycheck.

That means she could occasionally work with the old Nine-Nine crew (Amy, Boyle, Terry, Hitchcock, and Scully) in guest appearances, as well as intro new police characters.

Her victim’s rights cases could highlight issues, and Rosa would be all abou the real-world rise in independent vetting of traveling cops (bad cops that bounce from city to city and state to state), all of which could be handled in serious, semi-serious, or completely silly ways across different stories.

Pimento could be a regular character — maybe even an investigative (and occasional love) partner.

Jake could pop up here and there, baby/kid in tow to help on cases and provide additional comic relief.

Gina could be an occasional regular in need of corporate P.I. services and/or to help finance the operation.

Show Rosa’s home and family lives, and her evolving love life across gender partners.

Plus, introduce all kinds of fun, new characters, from a problematic landlord to crazy clients to various love interests.

Guaranteed hit. Five seasons minimum.

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