To Those of Extremist Faith

Author’s note: I originally wrote this a few days after the Pulse nightclub shootings, hence some of the specific references. And though it’s christian-centric, the message is universally applicable.

To those of extremist faith:

God’s job is not your job.

It’s his universe. They’re his rules. He is the decider. He is the punisher. And he’s got this.

When he wanted to cleanse the Earth, he didn’t set the people of the world against each other in global genocidal war. He flooded the planet. Cuz he’s got this.

When he wanted to punish Sodom, he didn’t send an army of men. In fact, all he used a man for was as a last chance emissary of peace and salvation. Then he flicked an asteroid at the city. Cuz he’s got this.

If he wanted 49 gay people to die in a club, he would have shorted out a wire in the wall and burned the place to the ground. Or sprinkled salmonella in their Latin-themed snacks. Cuz he’s got this.

If he wanted a sinner stoned to death, he would drop a rock on them. Or run them over with a gravel truck. Cuz he’s got this.

You are not his sword. You are not his avenging angel. He doesn’t need you for that. Cuz he’s got this.

In fact, when you take up the sword to “do his will”, you don’t show your faith. You insult your god with your lack of it. Cuz you show that you don’t believe that he’s got this.

It’s his universe. His rules. He decides. He punishes.

And he decides when and who not to punish.

If he doesn’t burn the gay club to the ground, he’s either okay with those people being gay, or willing to tolerate them being so . . .

Perhaps so they will have the time to come to him in their own way. Perhaps so they have time for you people of faith to show them the goodness he can inspire in people and the world. Perhaps so you can show by example what the glory and blessings of God look like.

And perhaps so you can show him the trust and faith you have in him to do his job in the end. To show him you know he’s got this.

You are not his sword. But you can be his beacon. An emissary of salvation like he sent to Sodom.

Because he doesn’t need you to stain the road to salvation with blood.

But I’m guessing he wouldn’t mind you helping to light the way.

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