God Doesn’t Care About Abortion

In multiple places, the Bible explicitly states that a child isn’t alive until it is filled with the breath of life … that is, when it takes its first breath. The abortion of a fetus is not the ending of a person’s life, as the fetus is not a person – and has not been given life — until it draws its first breath.

Nonetheless, anti-abortionists often cite another biblical passage to justify their false notion of life beginning at conception — despite those explicit biblical declarations to the contrary.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you” said god, which his supposed followers take as proof that the fetus is a person.

But somehow the peddlers of the inviolable idea that their god is both omniscient (all-knowing) and eternal (always existing through all time) conveniently forget these ideas when they rest their entire anti-abortion argument upon that one divine proclamation.

To an all-knowing god who always has and always will exist, linear time is meaningless. That god sees all time all at once. There is no difference between today, a billion years ago, and a billion years in the future. Which means that yes, the god knew you before, and during, and after you were formed in the womb — and all at the same time. He also knew you at every other point in your existence: your first step, your first word, your first love, and all of each of those you ever will (or did) experience afterward. He knew you on your deathbed at the same time he knew you a million years after you died, and just as he knew you a million years before he even made the soul that is the you he knows. All at once, and for all time, he has known you in every possible state of your existence.

Just as he knew exactly how many babies would draw a first breath. And exactly how many souls to create for them. And exactly how many, and which, fetuses would never draw breath.

Abortion is a divine non-issue not only for the explicit declaration that a fetus is not a living person, but also because god already knows – and always has and always will know – which fetuses aren’t going to be born to draw that first breath.

God doesn’t care about abortion. And neither should the church, or god’s selectively amnesiac followers.

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