BST: Bumper Sticker Hypocrisy

BST = Bumper Sticker Thoughts. Unquipping quippy quips. Thoughts about actual bumper stickers and thoughts that ought be bumper stickers (or t-shirts, or hats, or whatever).

I saw a small, well-used pickup truck with a tailgate plastered with no fewer than eight pro-Trump and anti-Biden bumper stickers.

But what caught my eye was the juxtaposition of two, in particular.

In the top left corner of the tailgate was what appeared to be a Biden campaign sticker, with his name large above some smaller words, until you got close enough to read it: “Biden: Not My President”

Directly below this, in the bottom left corner of the tailgate, was an older, somewhat faded, but still very legible bumper sticker reading: “Support Our President”

Now, I’ve never understood the compulsion some people have to wallpaper the back of their vehicles in bumper stickers. But this instance really stood out, because it was a perfect illustration of the (apparently unconscious?) hypocrisy of — and the complete changeability of what passes for principles for — those on the right.

Support Our President they say, when it’s a president they want or like. Not My President they say, when it’s one they don’t. Our president is everyone’s president, whether you like it or not, they say – unless I don’t like it, then he isn’t. And they say it in the very same breath (or within mere inches of each other on a tailgate for all the world behind them to see in traffic).

And they do it without any apparent sense of irony, acknowledgement of their hypocrisy, or self-awareness at all.

And in this case, what I found the most confounding, is that the guy had to very deliberately place these utterly incompatible ideas right next to each other. He could very easily have covered the Support Our President sticker with the Not My President one, and made his tailgate perfectly harmonious in its political position. But he chose not to. Instead, he chose to proudly display his utter hypocrisy and lack of principles.

Because if your principles are so changeable, then you don’t actually have any. 

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