BST: An Enemy of the Press

BST = Bumper Sticker Thoughts. Unquipping quippy quips. Thoughts about actual bumper stickers and thoughts that ought be bumper stickers (or t-shirts, or hats, or whatever).

An Enemy of the Press Is an Enemy of the People

The press – the legitimate press, that pursues facts wherever they lead, and reports what they find as objectively as possible – is absolutely essential for a free and fair society. It is, and must be, outside the control of the government and the monied and powerful interests that it investigates and reports upon.

The press serves the public in ways that no government or business entity can. The founders of our nation knew this, and they protected the press in the first amendment. 

And while politicians, the wealthy, and the powerful, in particular, may not always like what the press has to say about them and their interests, they must not be allowed to infringe upon the freedom of the press to say it.

To be displeased by a story in the press is one thing. To feel unfairly or inaccurately represented there is fine. There is a simple remedy to the problem of the press getting something wrong: an honest, factual, and truthful rebuttal of their claims.

But to be an enemy of the press as an institution, to position the press itself as the enemy of the truth … That is the action of someone who fears the truth, who fears the people, and who wants them both cut off and controlled. As we have seen time and time again throughout history, that is the action of an aspiring dictator. That is the action of a true enemy of the people.

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