Author’s Note: As a species, we seem destined to hate, to fight, to destroy. If we don’t find some extraterrestrial civilization worthy of venting our worst instincts upon, our greatest aspirations might not work out so great

It took millennia, but the day finally came.

It was a day that trillions had struggled to bring about for thousands of years. Yet it came not with a bang, but a whisper — a whisper so soft, hardly anyone heard.

It came so softly only because it had so nearly come so often before. In fact, most anyone there when the day finally dawned would have said it had already come long years ago.

Finally, the gods and their followers had all passed away. Money was a footnote in historical files. Nations had ceased to exist; their cultures had melted all into one. Skin no longer justified violence and hate, nor did gender or language, size or shape. Geography was rendered inconsequential. Knowledge was universal, and universally desired. No one wanted, because everyone had all they could need. Beauty was everywhere. Love was abundant and loneliness scarce.

At long last, there was nothing left to fight over.

Finally, there was peace on Earth.

Then the madness began — as the devastating, merciless tearing of peace laid waste to the savage mass human mind.

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