TV Show Idea: Lone Wolf

A drifter goes from place to place, doing odd jobs, never staying long.

When he sees people he can help, he does, but always leaves afterward … Or when those chasing him catch up.

He’s a werewolf, being pursued by his pack, rival pack(s), and hunters.

But he does good wherever he goes, trying to stay away from his human-hunting family and the conflicts they have with other packs.

He can control his powers, partially change, has strength, speed, enhanced senses.

He doesn’t kill humans – because the bloodlust becomes uncontrollable when you do — which puts him at odds with other werewolves.

His powers are always there, but ebb and flow in strength with the cycle of the moon – not the full moon, but the distance of the moon from earth — when it’s closer, he (and the others) are stronger.

A cursed do-gooder, resisting the evil urges within him; running from, resisting, and even fighting against not only his own cursed family, but clans of others like him, and monster-hunters who want nothing more than his destruction; never able to put down roots or make deep connections, though he positively impacts many lives along the way.

The story, conflict, and mythology-building opportunities are endless.

And I can absolutely see incorporating “California Dreamin’” as a recurring background theme – maybe even slowing it and stretching it out for eerie effect in suspenseful scenes — as the main character could very well be the mysterious stranger sung about in the song (see my post on the song for more on the connection).

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