BST: When to Be Ashamed

BST = Bumper Sticker Thoughts. Unquipping quippy quips. Thoughts about actual bumper stickers and thoughts that ought be bumper stickers (or t-shirts, or hats, or whatever).

I Wish People Knew When to Be Ashamed

A disturbing number of our fellow citizens no longer understand (or accept) when they should be ashamed – what thoughts, ideas, beliefs, expressions, and actions should be countermanded within their own hearts and minds by feelings of shame.

I suppose there have always been quiet, under-the-radar enclaves of truth deniers, white supremacists, racists, misogynists, and bigots of all kinds, but they have forgotten the shame that has so rightly kept them quiet and out of sight.

These people desperately need to get back in touch with their shame – and, doing so, hopefully make the necessary changes to their hearts and minds to alleviate it.

But perhaps the more important aspect of people knowing when to be ashamed is the flip side of it. Because if you know when to be ashamed, you also know when you shouldn’t be. And far too much shame is heaped upon those who have no reason to feel it, but are buried beneath it by so many of those who have forgotten their own.

Our society, and especially many of the shameless subsections of it, have too long made those who are different, or afflicted, or victimized feel a shame that they never should.

The poor … LGBTQ+ … Interracial couples … Multi-racial kids … Addicts … Those of the “wrong” faith … Those of other races … Those of other nationalities … Rape victims … Abuse victims … Unwed mothers … Those on public assistance … Those struggling with mental health issues … The list goes on and on and on.

I wish all of them knew when to be ashamed, so they would all know that they have no reason to be.

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